Why is internet availability/speed not a standard field in MLS listings?

I can't be the only house shopper looking for homes in a semi-rural area that requires good internet access for remote working. And I highly doubt I'm the only one frustrated by the lack of any reliable method of determining what services/speeds are available at a given address. As internet access is a utility as vital as electricity and water for many people these days, why is it not customary/required to list this information when listing a home for sale as it is with other utilities?

Is MLS (a private company, I assume?) simply slow to make changes, or is this a ploy to force you to go through a realtor to determine this information? With more and more people working remote, this is a make-or-break feature for many folks.


Thanks for the answers, folks. It seems the consensus from the real estate professionals is a combination of:

  • How can a homeowner possibly be expected to know what kind of internet service they currently have and pay for every month? That is literally unknowable!
  • Finding this information sounds suspiciously like work. It's a seller's market, so I guess that makes it a "you problem".
  • LOL, why do you even want internet?

Great stuff all around. If you're ever wondering why so many people think that your profession shouldn't need to exist, it's because of shit like this.

For those that suggested various 3rd party internet provider search sites, thank you. I was aware of some of them, but more options never hurts. The issue isn't that a buyer can't find this info (for at least as much as this info can be trusted from ISPs), it's that we shouldn't have to go looking for it across multiple sites and calling multiple providers for each of the dozens of properties we're looking at. If only the listing agents were a little less lazy and the databases just a bit more comprehensive, all this could be added to the search/filter like any other aspect of a property.

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