Before buying a condo, contact the Superintendent or Maintenance Office for questions or concerns regarding the property. Don’t just blindly trust the realtor.

I've been a superintendent for condo properties for over 7 years and have seen too many people jump in to condo ownership blind and, worst of all, mislead by realtors or sellers.

The maintenance guy or staff does not gain anything from you moving buying in to the property, unlike the person trying to make a sale. If they are competent and experienced, they will be honest about the property regarding it's drawback, advantages and any major concerns.

I have had owners learn of major outstanding issues with their new condo, like basement flooding, as soon as a few hours after the closing. Too many times I have had to correct people regarding property policy and telling them the realtor straight up lied to them, or handing them the Rules & Regulations and Maintenance Standards AFTER they closed and were moved in. To be honest, sometimes it's not even the realtor's fault; some homeowners do not even know or cared to look in to the rules or regulations of the property until they have an issue.

Remember, the superintendent is the one who you will have to deal with when problems come up, so they have no reason to lie to you. Instead, they need you to have as much knowledge of the property as possible to make their job easier.

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