Anyone else sick of every house/community looking the same? Would you want to live in a European style village community built in the US or something unique?

I'm here in the southeast where every new community looks pretty much exactly the same. I realize it is cheaper to build the same 5 floor plans, but it seems every subdivision built in the last 30 or 40 years looks almost identical.

So I am curious, if there were a European style village development close to a city with plenty of green space and amenities, would people like this kind of concept? I am not talking cheap reproduction, I mean authentic European style villages with all the modern interiors/floorplans and amenities built on the outskirts of major metro areas instead of the middle of no where.

Rather than having individual yards, they would have large amounts of green spaces, parks, etc… I am picturing master planned communities with small hilltop and/or valley villages of a few hundred people spread out over large land plots with farms, parks, estates and trails in between them so there is not development on every square inch of space. Meant to be a walkable community where the architecture is a main feature A few examples could be Bibury, Rothenburg, or any of these on this list. Curious to hear what others think.

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