Trying to figure out a price for land.

I live next to a rental property that's on a heavily wooded 1 acre lot. The owners are selling it, and are going to break the lot into 3 pieces. If they cut down the woods to build another house, I'll lose all of my backyard privacy. They are willing to sell me part of the lot that's right next to my house. It would add a 40' buffer between me and whatever they do. I'd be buying about .15 wooded acres, so not enough to be a buildable lot. My local agent does have any ideas for what a comp would be. Is $10,000 too much? Too little? The zip code is 56082 if that helps.

Edit: The seller has mentioned that the cheapest buildable lot in town is currently listed at 50k. I think they're going to ask way too much for this slice.

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