Seller asking to stay in home longer with only a week before closing – help needed!

We were just notified late last night that the seller of the home we are purchasing wants to stay in the home until the end of the month, if not a little longer into October. Closing is the 17th. We have arranged plans for movers, painting, etc that we wanted to do the weekend of the 17th and have our big move the weekend of the 24th. We are trying to be accommodating and are giving them the weekend of the 17th and asking that they be out by noon on the 20th. All of their stuff will be there for the final walk through – and while we realize that isn’t completely uncommon, it’s a big bummer for us as we have only been able to see the home once for a quick showing because of this crazy market. We won’t be able to see the home empty until after closing at this point. They are not happy with us for not giving them more time and their realtor is being sharp with us. Shouldn’t they have told us this sooner? Other than their hurt feelings over us not extending their time, is there anything else we should be considering right now? We feel like we have waived an awful lot and we want to move into our new home! We did check and the contract does at least say they would be responsible for any damages from their move. Any advice? Are they wrong? Are we?

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