Deal fell through for $1000

I am first time home seller. Looking at state of market i decided to FSBO. I went for a local listing company which lists the house on MLS and all major real estate website. I got 3 offers at list in couple of days. They were all financed deal. I was about to accept one of them and i got a call from an agent that they have cash buyer who will waive appraisal and were willing to pay slightly above the list. He mentioned that they have waived appraisal in past which concerned me because that meant that they must have walked away from deal before. I still went with them. They did the inspection and came back with pettiest things which they found during inspection(loose burner knob, slight crack on stucco, wood chipped on baseboard etc) and asked $2000 credit, i tried to negotiate and said these things weren’t worth that much to repair. I offered them to get these things repaired instead of offering money in closing cost. They were adamant and asked for the money and threatened to cancel the deal, i offered them $1K but their agent came back and said they have cancelled. I had to relist the house and now i am worried i wont be getting as much traction because people may think there is something wrong with the house.

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